Feel-good Moment of the Day

The picture on top is what the building looked like when Russians destroyed it in April. The picture on the bottom is what it looks like now.

It’s really unfair that stupid, irrelevant Dugin who hasn’t showered in a decade and his bandit children with congenital brain defects are getting more coverage than this amazing and heroic transformation.


5 thoughts on “Feel-good Moment of the Day

  1. A pretty decent structural engineering renovation and rebuild overall, especially how they’ve added the corrugated catchment along the front so people will no longer get snow melt-offs dumped on them.

    But do they not include fire escape ladders as part of architectural renovation jobs in Ukraine?

    Backpack fire escape ladders are overrated, I know because I have one from when I lived in a mid-rise tower block in Miami, so I really like seeing fire escape ladders.

    The Southern US building code usually requires them as a decades distant response to the infamous Winecoff Building fire in Atlanta. (Look it up on Wikipedia, you may find it interesting.)

    Maybe I’m showing my true age with all of these distant references? [shrug]

    BTW, I also can’t read the sign because it’s at an angle, but does that say most of the ground level is a grocery store now?

    I love how the renovation designers kept that support pillar in the front and then took most of the weight off it.

    It’s like that building in Philadelphia with the front “blown sideways” after being built on the site where the MOVE incident happened.


    1. We don’t do the fire escape thing in Ukraine. I first encountered them when I moved to New Haven. There was this ugly metal fire escape staircase that led right to my bedroom window from the parking lot in the back where prostitutes would congregate with their pimps for screaming matches. There were a couple of shootouts, too. As a safety aid, this fire escape was really useless.


    2. ” do they not include fire escape ladders as part of architectural renovation jobs in Ukraine?”

      Not generally a thing in CEE. For that matter entire buildings catching fire isn’t generally a thing either…

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      1. It has to do with the original architecture and materials. A building made primarily out of stone will have different integrity in a fire than a building made primarily out of wood (which is what most buildings in the US are made of).

        The building looks like it was gutted, but is likely made of stonework, so they were able to preserve the underlying structure.

        The transformation is pretty incredible, though. All of that in a matter of months.

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  2. “getting more coverage than this amazing and heroic transformation”

    Media bias…. crazy looking pseudo-mystics getting blown up is good press.

    The transformation in the picture points to a high level of civic engagement and the media (as government propagandists for neoliberalism) hate, hate HATE civic engagement.


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