Language Acrobats

I have come across a new politically correct linguistic contortion that large companies use to say “women.” It is “women of child bearing potential.” I copy-pasted, so all objections should be directed to the creators of these language acrobatics.

Of course, this only exists for as long as transwomen haven’t noticed it and started to object that they have just as much potential to bear children because why not? What are you, a bigot, to think children can’t pop out of penises?

3 thoughts on “Language Acrobats

  1. I’m offended. As an adult human with two X chromosomes, a uterus, and ovaries who is now 67 years old, I do not possess childbearing potential. So what does that make me? And whom do I take to court for having injured my feelings with this insensitive and hurtful definition?

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  2. “What are you, a bigot, to think children can’t pop out of penises?”

    Someone already told Japan. 🙂


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