Orange Discovery

In Florida, I finally figured out why kitchen islands have cutouts on one side. You are supposed to put bar stools under them, and then people can sit there facing you while you feed them. It’s so cool! N and I eat while I entertain them, and they don’t have a choice because I’m right there in their faces.

I’m urgently buying two bright orange bar stools.

Why bright orange?

Because why not?


7 thoughts on “Orange Discovery

  1. “kitchen islands”

    After watching…. a very small amount of HGTV…. I never want to hear the words “island” (or “wyspa” as it’s translated) again…


    “bright orange bar stools … Because why not?

    Total anarchy… purple bathrooms and plaid tile bedrooms … Because why not?

    The world is going mad….

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  2. A better hack if you have an IKEA: they have folding chairs that are bar stool height that can turn one of those raised kitchen centre areas into dining space.

    Four of them fold and stack into the space that a single bar stool takes up.

    And as all good Scandiwares go, these are neutral black with chrome steel, meaning that they can be used nearly anywhere, even next to those purple bathrooms that Cliff is so noisily cringing about.

    Not that he’s wrong, of course.

    HGTV is horrid, it’s like a lifestyle aspirational channel for people who really have very few aspirations other than “being on the property ladder”.

    As far as those wares go, do you even spot the hidden product marketing?

    Because it’s everywhere on HGTV.

    You think those overpriced centimetre wide tile squares sell themselves?

    Not if you ask any masonry contractors what they’d rather be doing. πŸ™‚


    1. “HGTV is horrid, it’s like a lifestyle aspirational channel”

      It’s like a pure distillation of neoliberal consumerism… it reminds me of the novel Eden by Stanislaw Lem where the astronauts find a self-running factory turning out…. alien things that are immediately disassembled and then reconstructed in a non-stop loop….

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