Deep Work Challenge, Day 2

Today’s challenge has to do with developing tolerance for boredom. Stimulating boredom away is a bad habit that often gets in the way of deep work. Or deep life, deep relationship, deep anything. So here’s the task:

Make an effort to notice 3 separate occasions during the day when you felt bored. What was your first impulse when boredom presented itself? Give yourself a couple of minutes to inhabit both the boredom and the feeling. Do you feel restless? Panicky? Angry? What does this feeling most remind you of?

This is a very easy exercise that takes no extra time and practically no effort. All you need to do is notice and explore.

One thought on “Deep Work Challenge, Day 2

  1. Moment 1: This wiring job is boring as hell, and these O2 tanks aren’t helping.

    Moment 2: Gaaaah will this ever end, and what’s that beeping … yawn.

    Moment 3: OK, OK, I’ll look at the meter, I just looked at it a little while ago … oh, shit, it’s saying I have twenty-seven minutes of oxygen and the airlock out of the facility takes forty minutes to clear from here.





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