Presidential Candidate

Amazing news! Arestovich says he’s willing to run for president of Ukraine if Zelensky decides not to seek second term. If you think Zelensky has balls, Arestovich has mega balls. And he absolutely despises wokeness, #MeTootery, and all that garbage. He makes fun of that crap so well, it’s a delight to listen. If I ever come across a video of him in English, I promise to link but his audience right now speaks Russian and Ukrainian.

Arestovich is a man with a vision, a founder of his own school of philosophy. It’s as if Zygmunt Bauman came back to life as a young, good-looking military guy. To have somebody of this intellectual caliber as president wouldn’t be new for Ukraine. Back in 1918, the president was a professor of history and the prime minister was one of the best writers in the world.

Why the US can’t come up with a presidential candidate who is a young, good-looking family man, father of 3, and a patriot who defends the nation-state, I don’t know.

Oh, wait…

Of course, Arestovich has an incredible charisma. He often jokes that men keep telling him, “My wife doesn’t go to bed without you.” But it’s true because millions of Ukrainians, including me and N, can’t fall asleep without Arestovich whispering in our ears that everything will be OK.

I’m so happy to be from a country that produces people like Arestovich.

4 thoughts on “Presidential Candidate

  1. So can you vote by absentee ballot in the Ukrainian election for Arestovich, the way American citizens can cast votes in U.S. elections when overseas?

    Or are you hoping that Ukrainian voters read your popular website and will heed your sage advice?

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    1. Arestovich is very popular in Ukraine without my help. 🙂 I’m writing for English-speakers around the world with the hope of promoting the nation-state and garnering support for the politicians who are friendly towards it.


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