My Marathon

There are two times in the year when I ration every ounce of energy and treat myself like a convalescent invalid. The first is in May or June, whenever the first heatwave of the year hits. I’m all right with the rest of them – well, not really all right but mostly resigned. But the first one I have to ease into very slowly.

The second time of the year when I meditate 10 times a day, take endless walks, go to bed at 9 am, and behave like I’m a precious vessel is the week before the beginning of the academic year. I got so, today a major administrative deadline was pushed to 3 weeks earlier and is now due on Friday, even though we have received zero numbers we need to do it, and my only reaction was, “oh, well. . . I’m due for a walk in the woods, so bye, major deadline.”

The pressure is insane this time of the year but I don’t care. I’m very relaxed, and tomorrow plan to go explore a new poke bowl place that opened in town.

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