Productive Zen

As a result of taking constant walking breaks, meditation pauses, and breathing exercise spells, I got an absolutely outrageous amount of work done today. And I’ll do that big administrative task ahead of time.

There’s no such thing as being too busy to go to the gym or out for a walk. If you don’t go, it means you aren’t busy enough. Extreme business requires total inner calm. I’m even putting Klara to good use. I’m taking her out for a fun activity every day after school this week because I achieve complete inner peace through interacting with her.

2 thoughts on “Productive Zen

  1. [laughs in Rinzai Zen at the student]

    You should read Takuan Sōhō’s book on swordsmanship.

    Oh, but you only think you have no use for such a book, like many students of Zen.

    What you are not prepared for are the ways in which swordmanship applies to the problems of task switching.

    This problem is especially difficult for people who have autistic or quasi-autistic traits that present themselves in the form of task switching inertia.

    Which of course is why I am here writing about Zen and swordsmanship, eating a now cold but formerly hot sandwich, instead of switching to the next task at hand.

    You only think you are mastering this chaos when it is in fact mastering you. 🙂

    (silly Zen students! 🙂 )


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