Against the backdrop of the previous post, please take a moment to appreciate the following:

There’s got to be a limit to every narcissist’s need for self-aggrandizement but apparently not. Hayden’s statement is an example of extraordinary, smug and pathetic snowflakery.

7 thoughts on “Self-aggrandizement

  1. Gosh. You’d think we were out there blowing up malls and beheading heretics and stuff.

    Actually I think the “terrorism” we’re guilty of is wanting transparency and accountability from our alphabet agencies…

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  2. “There’s got to be a limit to every narcissist’s need for self-aggrandizement but apparently not.”

    They’re the biggest kidults on the playground, don’t try to push them off their mounds of sand, they’ve worked hard to earn those! 🙂

    “… if the CIA under [Hayden’s] command wasn’t battling against any foreign threats, then what were they doing?”

    Building, operating, and maintaining that multi-national surveillance organisational umbrella that operates outside of governments, you know, the one I’d mentioned before?

    That’s because after the end of the Cold War, they realised that they didn’t fear the Russians as much as their own people deciding it was time to settle long-standing class grievances.

    It’s the same principle as what happened in Afghanistan: they couldn’t let any significant group actively hate America for its incompetent and incontinent foreign policy, so they absolutely had to wage “unofficial war” on the Taliban.

    Besides, the Taliban was threatening the CIA’s covert funding source.

    Instead now they wage surveillance wars and let off criminals who predate against the people they should be defending.

    Oh, and “ed” from the other day, saying there weren’t any “scandals” involving the Biden regime?

    Leaving several billion USD worth of fully functional military hardware behind so it may be taken intact by multiple US adversaries constitutes a scandal.

    But go ahead, duck that head in the sand harder!

    And don’t mind the inconvenience! 🙂


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