War Update

Tonight in my native city of Kharkiv a residential building was targeted by a Russian bomb:

Six are dead. Unfortunately, as we now know, 12 people died in the attack. Sixteen wounded. Earlier yesterday Russians targeted a residential facility in Kharkiv that houses deaf and hard-of-hearing people. They don’t hear the air-raid sirens well, so didn’t seek immediate shelter.

Russians aren’t achieving anything on the battlefield, so they become a lot more brutal against civilians.

5 thoughts on “War Update

  1. One does not need to read The Gulag Archipelago to understand any of this. It’s enough to read anything by Gogol or Dostoevsky to see into this evil.


  2. And the ghost of Herman Kahn appears …

    “See? I told you! Civilians are always the primary targets of unrestricted warfare! ALWAYS!”

    But most people only see a haze, and they can’t hear what they can’t see.


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