Too Much Knowledge

For a translation company I’m working for, I need to do certification tests where you get a series of sentences and their translations. Each translation contains one mistake, and you have to edit the sentence to eliminate it.

I have easily passed the tests in the Ukrainian=>English and Ukrainian=>Spanish language pairs but I completely bombed the Ukrainian=>Russian test. I tried English=>Russian and bombed, too. There are three tries for each test, and the tests are very simple. So I now failed the Russian test 6 times.

Apparently, I speak the language too well. I can’t identify what the test-makers see as the single mistake I need to correct. I see 5 mistakes in each sentence and have no idea which one to choose.

One thought on “Too Much Knowledge

  1. Is there any way to textbox or screenshot-and-email that, and explain the problem?

    I seriously got a library job once, over something like that. Part of the test was to take a list of book titles and authors, and alphabetize them (I know, that’s kid stuff compared to what you’re doing), but one of the authors’ names was misspelled in a way that changed the list order. So I made two columns, alphabetized them as they were written in one, and alphabetized them as they were supposed to be in the other, and added a note to explain. This worked. I still wonder if the error was deliberate, to sort out people who were actually familiar with the authors from people who weren’t. But it was a genre-fiction author, so the only way you’d know is if you were into that genre. Who knows?

    Anyway, seems worth trying to contact them directly, and send them a list of all the things wrong with those, and ask for clarification?


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