Different Meditation

People are scared of meditation because they think it means sitting all slackjawed, staring at the wall and trying not to think about how much you’d rather scroll through your Twitter feed. But there are many other types of meditation that work better for people who are incapable of feeling anything other than antsy and bored during regular meditation sessions.

My version of meditation is bullet journaling. I find it sensationally relaxing. In my job, I work with words, so having a little outlet that’s not about words but colors and shapes is very pleasing. Ten-fifteen minutes a day make an enormous difference. If I’m worried about a public appearance or a meeting, decorating the notes I made for it in my bullet journal turns the meeting into an enjoyable event. Or there’s this class I really didn’t want to teach. I started putting the class plans in the bullet journal and decorating them into the infinity. I now really enjoy the class. My brain associates it with the enjoyable act of decorating my planner.

In Florida, I used another form of meditation where I’d float on my back in the swimming pool and observe how the sharp edge of a tall building sliced up the sky. Two minutes of that were an equivalent of an hour-long nap. Hardcore.

5 thoughts on “Different Meditation

  1. Ha, so it turns out I am meditating. I tend to write in my diary when I’m overwhelmed or when I can’t fall asleep. It has a very calming effect.

    I really did think of meditation as sitting still and breathing, at which after 2 minutes I find myself running through my errands list or thinking about what to cook for dinner.

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  2. ” float on my back in the swimming pool and observe…”

    For me it’s turbulent water, either a non-placid stream/river or the sea against a rocky shore. I can stare at either for… a long time and lose track of time. I once scared my mother because I became so transfixed by a cascading river in the Rocky Mountains… she was afraid I would zone out and fall in…

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  3. Since your blog software hates me (sometimes) and my Japanese (always) …

    Look up the Japanese word “zanshin” sometime.

    All you ever needed to learn was archery and swordsmanship. 🙂


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