And Even More Good News

Laid-Off HBO Max Execs Reveal Warner Bros. Discovery Is Killing Off Diversity and Courting ‘Middle America’. . .

Discovery CEO David Zaslav was charged with helping Warner crawl out of a $50 billion hole. He came in like a wrecking ball, tearing up CNN’s $300 million streaming service CNN+ and vowing to pull the Warner-owned news channel away from “advocacy” journalism. It all points to the same end, they say: A rejection of left-wing or highly diverse content in favor of more homogenous, Middle America-friendly fare. There was just a massive, ‘We don’t need you [creators of woke shows]. You’re not offering the things we’re focused on.’”

Things are looking up, my friends.

The linked article is hilarious, though. The author seems to be completely stunned by the realization that woke shows attract nobody but fussy neurotics. And there are not that many of them, thank God.

7 thoughts on “And Even More Good News

  1. At least the author acknowledges that the ideological changes to HBO’s content are bring made for business reasons, not because of right-wing anti-woke bigotry.

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    1. I love the sheer puzzlement of “but why? Why aren’t these woke shows mega popular? Weren’t they supposed to be what the downtrodden masses have yearned for since the dawn of existence?”

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  2. Maybe it’s just me being optimistic, but I am also starting to see a shift away from wokeism. They managed to take a hold of media, but it’s fleeting.

    Netflix is also cancelling woke shows left and right, as well as just firing wokesters who keep pushing Netflix to censor shows. The Dave Chappelle brouhaha shows that.

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  3. Oh come on, I was looking forward to Little Woke House on the Prairie …

    … wait, didn’t the CBC already do that with Little Islamic House on the Prairie?

    [irasshaimase to all you lovely Pitchfork Armies, BTW, doshita no y’all] 🙂

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