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Here’s one of many examples. In Denmark, an artist created an image of a shadow cast by the largest airplane in the world, the Ukrainian AN-225. The plane was destroyed by the Russians in the first days of the war.

It’s just an airplane but it’s already been commemorated on every continent and in every possible way. People are inspired by the story of the plane. It’s entered the imaginary of speakers of many languages.

In the meantime, 53 immigrants from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador died in an abandoned trailer near San Antonio in July. These are people from 4 countries whose cumulative population is more than 4 times that of Ukraine. And yet, they are unable (or unwilling) to make anybody care about these or any other of their deaths. Why don’t the presidents of these countries do a Zelensky and start making the rounds, telling the world about what the US efforts to squeeze the American blacks out of the labor market are costing them? Why isn’t the entire region rising up and looking for a solution instead of navel-gazing about its new round of socialist fantasies? Nobody is going to care unless you explain to them why they should.

It’s like when people go, “why does everybody care about the Holocaust and not much larger genocides of other peoples?” The answer is simple: because Jews put in the work and you didn’t. Nobody is obligated to care. If you can’t be assed to explain why your issue matters, don’t blame others for not bothering to find out.

I’m writing all this because I love Latin America and want it to do better. This incredible passivity is making a gigantic region a footnote in history.

14 thoughts on “Make Yourself Interesting

      1. // You’re joking, right?

        May be, it’s my English.

        I meant that Putin had already fully lost his war against Ukraine, since the entire Western world treats it as a war against the West and not, as Putin hoped, as “another fight between Soviet savages.” The latter description suits Middle East conflicts, in which Israel doesn’t participate like Iraq / Iran war or Syria.


      1. In case anybody doubts that Russia already lost anything worth having.


        1. This mercenary looks and sounds like ISIS in Syria.

          Wish to unsee that, but may be it’s the opposite and everyone should see this thing, in the West AND inside Russia. The death of illusions.

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          1. Even knowing everything I know, I still experience deep shock that Russians have become. . . this. What have they done to themselves? And what for? Such a waste, such a degradation.


  1. Good news:

    Британская разведка сообщает, что Владимир Путин лично руководит всеми составляющими спецоперации Z, включая военную. Министр РФ-обороны Сергей Шойгу фактически отстранён от управления войсками.


  2. How Ukraine is using resistance warfare developed by the US to fight back against Russia

    The Resistance Operating Concept was developed in 2013 following Russia’s war with Georgia a few years earlier but its value was only realized after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula in 2014. It provides a blueprint for smaller nations to effectively resist and confront a larger neighbor that has invaded.


    1. Funny Americans, always making everything about themselves. But it’s OK, since they are sending the HIMARS.

      Guerrilla warfare was invented by the Spaniards during the Napoleonic wars and signaled the birth of Spain as a nation. The people of Spain won their war of independence against the French thanks to the guerrilla fighting.


    2. Oh, someone in the US Mainscream Media finally noticed ROC? How cute!

      Look for “Resistance Operating Concept (ROC)” by Otto C Fiala, published by the Joint Special Operations University Press at MacDill AFB, Florida in April 2020.

      You should be able to find a copy online at the usual future right wing paramilitary death squad sites as well as Internet Archive.

      One major shortcoming in this guide as well as some of the source material from the Swedish defence forces: it doesn’t cover the situation in which an “invasion” is merely a pretext for getting an adversary (or multiple adversaries) to commit large amounts of time, equipment, people, munitions, and assistance to a situation that looks like it’s “winnable” but was never meant to be pursued to that end.

      What if some strategists took the lessons they’ve learned from being on the receiving end of George Kennan and his infamous NSC-68 memo and inverted the situations as well as the structures?

      Take a look at page 17 of the Fiala publication and see how that “timeline of overlapping stages” from the Swedish defence forces squares away with the concept of deliberately subverting victory at every turn so that the engagement can continue to burn up resources without forcing an outcome.

      Within certain groups this strategy has taken on the term of “outcome independence”.

      The concept as applied to these scenarios overthrows the idea of “winning” as a necessity and turns the entire engagement into an invitation to enter into negotiations.

      And the funny thing about is that the concept was in popular American culture decades ago.

      Remember the Star Trek TNG episode where Commander Data plays a game called “Stratagema” with the best player in the Federation?

      Data realised that by no longer playing the game to win, he could play the game indefinitely without losing, thus wearing down his opponent to the point where he’d “rage quit” the game in disgust.

      So let’s see who “rage quits” first!


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