The Finnish Debacle

I was on the side of the Finnish prime minister until she started weeping like a pathetic little bunny and using Ukraine to make those who criticize her feel bad. This is childish behavior that I can’t stand. She says she’s being held to a different standard than male leaders. Which male leaders cry and pout publicly because they’ve been criticized? Which male leaders so not get criticized?

She wants to talk about Ukraine, OK. Who in Ukraine’s leadership is weeping and doing the wounded little deer routine because of a few online memes? Or for any reason?

“It’s because she’s a woman.” No, it’s because she’s acting like she’s three. I’m teaching my 6-year-old that she’s too big for this behavior, and it’s working. We came up with a little rhyme she uses when people say mean things and she needs to remind herself that it’s not a reason to cry. The rhyme goes, “I don’t care what you say. You are not my friend anyway.” Instead of “my friend”, it can be “the teacher, my Mommy, Santa Claus, Christmas elf,” etc. Somebody needs to teach this basic emotional self-regulation trick to Ms Marin.

I also want to mention that it’s kind of funny that the NATO wants this and not Ukraine. I mean, the NATO doesn’t really exist anyway, so who cares, but it’s still funny.


6 thoughts on “The Finnish Debacle

  1. Great news – Putin’s “special operation” costs Ukraine a lot, but may be a gift to the rest of the world in disguise:

    Казахстанский вызов: Демократизация общества против “замшелых скреп”

    Президент Казахстана Касым-Жомарт Токаев решил радикально порвать с наследием своего предшественника Назарбаева. Послание, обнародованное в последний день лета запускает процесс существенных либеральных реформ в стране, и уже трактуется, как окончательный разрыв Казахстана с авторитарными режимами, характерными для ряда стран соседей, в частности путинской России.


  2. Nah, you are paying too much attention to the personalities of the leaders. In a functional country the personality of the leader does not matter much, what matters is the system, institutions and national mindset. On all these counts Finland is above most of the NATO members. Their army is disproportionally strong. I guess while being neutral they operated under assumption that if SU/Russia would attack, Finland would make them pay dearly for that.


    1. How do we know that they have a strong army? How do we know it’s not hype? Americans think they’ve got a strong army, yet it gets creamed in every conflict.


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