Translator Vices

Going back into translation swiftly brought back all the translator vices. The biggest downfall for a translator that I suffered twenty years ago and still can’t avoid today is called “just one hundred $ more.” These days it’s usually € and not $ but the incapacity to stop because there’s always another hundred beckoning is still there.

I finished translating the Russian novel and haven’t been able to scare up another literary translation project. There’s a lot of work but it’s all in Russia, and you can’t get any money out of there. It would have been great to get paid by Russians and send the money to Ukraine’s Armed Forces. So now I’m stuck in drug discovery texts.


6 thoughts on “Translator Vices

  1. “… and you can’t get any money out of there …”

    Black Market Forex Trading has entered the chat. πŸ™‚


      1. If you’re interested, I can explain the details and provide specifics.

        But in general: you will need two intermediary cut-outs in different countries, neither of which will be based out of Russia. You will pay personal income tax on the earnings in the US at a minimum, your earnings will be 100% legally sourced, but you will lose a significant percentage because of the way the cut-outs will operate.

        Once you’ve submitted an IRS Form 1099 payment for the foreign earnings once converted to USD, you can donate what’s left to whoever you want.

        You will probably have to work more and possibly harder in order to clear the amounts you’re looking to donate, but that personal satisfaction angle is hard to ignore.

        BTW, I’m only offering to describe this for a few reasons: I’m not pro-regime for either Ukraine or Russia, but I am pro-self determination and very much pro-counter economics, so if this kind of thing is what it takes to help the people of Ukraine get past the regime stage, I’m for it.

        So let me know if you’re up for this.

        Also, System D really is my bag. [yeah baby yeah!] πŸ™‚

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        1. They say they can do Bitcoin. How do people receive payments in Bitcoin? And how cool would it be for a middle aged mom like myself to have my own Bitcoin? Not that I know what to do with it.


            1. Turns off he had Bitcoin. Then he sold it. And this whole time I knew nothing about it. I don’t understand a person who has Bitcoin and isn’t constantly talking about it to everyone.


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