In Circles

Trump made “the darkest, most divisive speech in US history” at his inauguration. Biden made “the darkest, most divisive, etc” yesterday. I obviously never watched either, so maybe it’s the same speech. Whatever any president says, the speech is going to be “the darkest, most divisive,” so why waste time on writing any speeches? Make an avatar of a generic president repeating on a loop “I’m dark and divisive,” and everybody will be happy.

What’s funny is that both Trump and Biden are simultaneously extremely strong and extremely weak to their detractors. Biden is a senile old fool who can barely walk but he’s also a terrifying dictator. Trump was a terrifying dictator, too, but at the same time a puppet of the Russians. How you can be simultaneously a puppet and a dictator, senile and authoritarian is never explained.

But that’s not the worst part. The worst part is how unimaginative and repetitive this all is. Nazi, fascist, dictator, democracy in danger, genocide, Nazi, fascist. . . No, you are the real racist! No, you are!

2 thoughts on “In Circles

  1. I watched the speech, it wasn’t great stuff to be saying as a president. But ultimately I’m with you on this one; who cares? I’ll stick to worrying about what Biden’s doing.


  2. “Nazi, fascist, dictator, democracy in danger, genocide, Nazi, fascist. . . No, you are the real racist!”

    Can I be the next retro-fascist anti-dictator not in charge of dismantling democracy by means of an armed mob of snowflakes wielding petty grievances as weapons?

    Please? Pretty please? šŸ™‚

    Retro-fascism is fun, you should try it!

    It’s fascism that isn’t fascism when it’s done, but is fascist at some later date when people decide it’s fascist.

    “Wow, that Crackpot’s really based! Look at that retro-fascist tone he’s laying out!”

    Yeaaaah, smoke that somewhere else, it’s obviously poison. šŸ™‚

    Been an anarcho-capitalist with light anarcho-syndicalist leanings ever since The Clash and the Four Dorksmen of the Dorkocalypse (Thatcher, Major, Carter, Reagan) successfully converted me.

    Went along with agorism because tax-free cookies made lovingly by kitchen revolutionaries is also hugely my bag as well. šŸ™‚

    But I do like the memes where Slo-Joe Buy-Them-Off has been made the head of the Norsefire party.

    I can even hear Prothero in the wings.

    “Strength through community! Anarchy through faith!”

    Wait … did we convert him privately?

    This could get interesting. šŸ™‚


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