Real Hunger Games

This symbolizes perfectly what the Russian culture has become. A bunch of degenerates living in insane opulence are siccing the hungry, stupid population on the rest of the world for fun.

I’m calling them degenerates not because of the costumes. Kirkorov is a horrible person. Purchased babies from a surrogate mother and chucked her away. The babies are accessories, dragged out for photo ops and then left with servants for months. He hates women and got in a huge public scandal for beating a female employee for annoying him. But he’s an idol in Russia, adored with religious fervor by the population.


7 thoughts on “Real Hunger Games

  1. ” child-eater character”

    To be clear, the child-eating freak is not Kirkorov, he’s the chubbo at .23 on the left with white hair and glasses and a red vest.

    He’s also taken part in Eurovision several times as a songwriter and always tries to hog attention away from the person performing… hardly the wrost of his excesses, but he’s a real waste of space.

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    1. The funny thing about Kirkorov is that if you try to put his name in the same sentence with the word “gay” on any Russian website, it will get quietly erased. And the same with Galkin, Pugacheva’s current “husband.” It’s as if the collective consciousness erased the intolerable knowledge. Really weird.


    1. It’s really pathetic that these companies are trying to import these bastards into the countries they will undermine and try to destroy in every way. In the meantime, college programs that could train our own programmers are being eviscerated.


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