On Russian TV yesterday one propagandist said in a trembling voice, “At the beginning of the war we were told that the only danger our troops faced if they took Odessa was that the residents would hug them too tight out of joy. But now… it looks like… that might not be true? Ukrainians don’t seem to want to hug us?”

It took six months of war for one person in Russia to figure this out. These people are deeply hopeless.

2 thoughts on “Hopeless

  1. Sounds like Rumsfeld talking about Iraq 20 years ago.

    Countries generally don’t like being invaded not matter their domestic situation. SA once discovered this in Lesotho.

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    1. Yeah… Why is it always such a surprise that countries react negatively to invasion, I have no idea. People generally don’t like to be messed with, especially in violent ways. “I’ll bomb you for your own good” never results in an outburst of love and gratitude.


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