Happy Recruits

The most important thing, though, is that grandpa didn’t have to go. He could have easily avoided the draft by going to stay with friends for a couple of days. Nobody would have found him, and soon he’d be forgotten in the mess that’s the Russian bureaucracy.

The overwhelming majority of the newly drafted are happy to go. There are thousands of videos of Russians dancing, singing and cheering at the drafting stations. These are people who never fought and are pretty much guaranteed to come home in body bags, if at all.

This is not a minor point. This is the most crucial moment of all in this. Why are these Russians so happy to go to war? Untrained, often armed with ancient, rusty weaponry and very likely doomed – why are they so eager? I know people who are more nervous to come back teaching in person than this.


8 thoughts on “Happy Recruits

  1. Re Арестович, have you listened to Павел Щелин too?
    Now watching

    Арестович, @Павел Щелин: Символическое мышление и цена его утраты

    21 сентября начинается новый курс Павла Щелина «Введение в политическую теологию», где в течении четырех занятий участники познакомятся с историей политических идей и их развитием.
    А именно трансформации идей религиозных, так как именно они изначально описывали наш мир и все что в нем содержится.
    Это описание производилось с помощью символических систем, которые видоизменялись и перетекали одна в другую. Именно эти, неочевидные на первый взгляд, связи мы и будем изучать

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        1. What I find particularly amazing is that in the midst of a brutal war people want to talk about philosophy and theology. In our class with Arestovich, one student is in the occupied Kherson. We sometimes hear explosions in the background when he speaks. The bravery is astonishing.


    1. They absolutely do not. The authorities told them that Russia suffered almost no losses so far. The question of why there needs to be a mobilization of civilians if the professional army still exists never gets asked.


  2. They’ll suffer upwards of 60% casualty rates with their lack of training and bad equipment vs Ukraine Western trained and equipped army. This will be a disaster for them.

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