True Detective Update

A small update for those who are following my adventures with True Detective. We watched the third season, and it was OK. Not amazing but not bad either. The father of the missing children was great. I liked all the scenes where he appeared. The white detective was the most superfluous character in history. And his oddly fitted wig was distracting.

Now we are watching the second season, and I absolutely love it. I might end up loving it more than the first. The actors, of course, are five megawatts weaker than Harrelson and McConaughey but the aesthetic is hitting me hard. I don’t even care what the story is. I’m mesmerized by the post industrial landscape and by the author’s capacity to avoid the cliches associated with California that invariably appear in every show or movie set there.

We are only two episodes in, so I beg, no spoilers.


2 thoughts on “True Detective Update

    1. I think people loved the first season so much that they wanted the second to be exactly like it. Then they kind of calmed down for the third season and could watch it on its own merit.

      Thank you, I only watched the 2nd and the 3rd seasons because you said they were good. And I’m very glad I followed your advice.

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