Two Options for Russia

Apparently, Turkey, India and China expressed displeasure with Russia’s incapacity to conclude the war in Ukraine and told Putin to make it end before winter comes.

In the Kremlin, there were 2 opposing ideas on how to handle things. One, championed by the radicals and voiced by the leader of the Communist Party Zyuganov, was to declare a mobilization and go all out in a full-scale war. The other, proposed by more moderate people, was in favor of Putin going to China on a long health-related trip while the rest of the leadership looked for a way to persuade the West that everything was fine now and Russia was “committed to peace.”

As usual, the radical option won.


5 thoughts on “Two Options for Russia

  1. “to declare a mobilization”

    not sure how much I believe generalsvr… but supposedly putain had been told that the absolute latest date that mobilization could be announced was back in july but he dithered and couldn’t decide (par for the course for him) and he was warned that at this point it would be ineffective at best…

    Apparently some are already calling it mogilizatsya (I’ve seen mogilizacja in Polish) a play on words with mogila (grave, tomb).

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    1. I heard this, too. Not only is he not a tyrant, he’s a very limp-wristed, dithering sort of fellow.

      The recently mobilized have already been seen near the frontlines in Donetsk. These poor bastards got no training, no preparation. Imagine grabbing a bunch of middle-aged civilians and putting them on the frontlines just like that. They are supposed to fight against seasoned, hard-core Ukrainian troops. This is downright cruel.

      As the Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief said, “we beat the professional Russian army. Now we will beat the amateur Russian army.”

      Honestly, what’s next? Russians will deploy batallions of women? Elderly people? Amputees?


  2. By the way Clarissa, did you hear about that shooting of a draft officer in Russia?

    I just don’t see how Putin is not pissing himself right now. He’s arming a lot of disgruntled people who do not have a lot to lose. That’s a very dangerous combination.


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