Liberalism and Wokeness

Why does liberalism lead to wokeness? Why do the beautiful ideals of individual freedom lead to the denial that biological sexes exist and an incapacity to say that men can’t get pregnant?

Human beings are by definition not free. We aren’t free from our biology, our physiology, our genes, our bodies, our minds, our history, our environment, and so on. We aren’t free from others. And we are definitely not free from ourselves.

Liberalism can’t avoid going to war against all these things that stand in the way of human freedom. You say 2+2 makes 4 but what if I didn’t choose that? What if I disagree? Why should these numbers matter more than my unique human self that is yearning for liberty?

To the argument that liberalism need not lead to these extremes, my response is that there needs to be an argument built into the system of thought that would stop the current before the extreme is reached. The women of Iran should be free to not wear the hijab if they don’t want to and free to wear it if they do. Within this logic, the notorious teacher in Canada should be free to wear huge prosthetic breasts to class if he wants to. He should be a woman if he wants to. Or a baby. Or anything else. Children are already free to have their sex organs surgically removed. Why shouldn’t they be free to use these same organs to have sex? What kind of barrier can be placed between these flavors of freedom? Why is one good and another not good?

We live in a liberal world, so we should all be answering these questions. Can liberalism articulate some sort of a limiting principle that would roll back the insanity of denying biology, genetics, arithmetic, history and psychology? I most certainly hope so.

3 thoughts on “Liberalism and Wokeness

  1. 2+2 can equal anything you want it to. But if you are going to invent an alternate system, you need to convince people that it is either interesting or useful if you want anybody to listen to you.

    For a useful alternate math consider what time is it at 8PM + 5 hours.


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