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I set my alarm to recite the most important news of the day after ringing. What’s really weird is that Liz Cheney leads the headlines almost daily. You’d think this is some nationally important politician but nobody knows her. I’ve asked around and got completely blank stares in response. I’m obsessed with politics but even I couldn’t tell you what she does, what job she holds, who voted for her (or maybe she doesn’t hold office, I have no idea).

The media efforts to turn Liz Cheney into an important political figure have been going on for a couple of years at least. They have failed completely. Nobody knows who she is. But the efforts continue with admirable perseverance.


6 thoughts on “Leading News

      1. I don’t read the news, so I no longer recognize most of the celebrities featured on magazine covers in the checkout aisle either– couldn’t even say whether they’re film celebrities or music celebrities, at this point, and if the faces are familiar, it’s only from other magazine covers.

        I have heard the name– as you say, someone’s trying to publicize her, much like… (fishes for tabloid celeb name, fails). I assumed she was a host from one of those ghastly network morning talk shows.


          1. Looked her up. So… Cheney’s kid, nominal republican but supports everything the democrats and moneyrepublicans want… Guess she’s being groomed for the 2024 elections as the corporate/deepstate nominee?

            That’s kind of like the push for fake-meat burgers. Advertise all you want: you can’t make people actually want the thing.

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          2. She’s a nobody with a famous name, perfect useful idiot for wilful distraction tactics. Gaslighting, in other words. Plus, justifying the Democrats-controlled narrative of mainstream (=useless) Republicans good, MAGA Republicans bad. No one’s buying it, hence the relentless messaging.

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