Full Circle

Russians are using Iranian drones to attack the Hasidic Jews celebrating Rosh Hashanah in the Ukrainian city of Uman where Jews make a traditional yearly pilgrimage.

In other news, there’s this:

It was right here on this blog when I had to explain to people why the US should have the right to veto Nord Stream. Who do you think will now be paying to clean up the spill?



25 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. \ Russians are using Iranian drones to attack the Hasidic Jews

    They continue shooting as usual as far as I know, but aren’t specifically targeting Jews.

    O/w Israeli press would be all over it.


      1. // Why would the Israeli press report it if it’s on the side of the shooters?

        The Israeli press, together with the rest of Israel, is on the side of the JEWS.

        Besides, Israel is not pro Russia. It tries to stay neutral which is not the same thing.

        Btw, see how “pro shooters” we are from the today’s articles of Israeli press:

        In first, Ukraine said to receive Israeli technology via Slovenian tanks
        Even indirectly, this marks the first time that Ukraine will receive IDF technology since the beginning of the Russian invasion in February 2022; experts believe the deal won’t trigger a Russian reaction against Israel

        In Rare Rebuke, Israel Says It Won’t Recognize Russia’s Annexation Referendums in Ukraine
        Voting on whether to join Russia in four Ukrainian regions partly controlled by Moscow – Kherson, Luhansk, Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia – enters its fifth and final day

        Israel to treat 20 seriously wounded Ukrainian soldiers
        Ambassador to Kyiv announces move on Twitter, confirmed by spokeswoman for Ukrainian embassy; first two patients will arrive on Sunday for treatment at Sheba Medical Center


        1. Yeah… no. If I see rape happening and I decide to “stay neutral,” I’m effectively siding with the rapist by facilitating the rape.

          The very idea that you can “trigger the Russian reaction” is giving credence to the Russian narrative that Russia was provoked into starting the war by somebody else’s actions.


          1. Thanks for saying it. My more right-ist newsfeeds have lately been full of “Ukraine provoked this by wearing short skirts and walking alone in a bad neighborhood” type articles, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why that is even a thing. Where is that propaganda coming from? Who does it serve? (Russia). Somebody’s hand tipped there, and I’ve been adjusting my news aggregators accordingly.

            I hate that there are basically NO news sources that are immune to this crap, from one side or another.

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            1. I know, and on this circular thinking, somehow the US ends up being to blame for everything. Where’s the patriotism? Where is the desire to not see your own country as the worst evildoer in the world? The US didn’t cause this. Ukraine didn’t cause this. The country that’s actually doing the invading caused this.


              1. Whew, though, looking at that weather map this morning… we are in the clear still, but it is not looking good for Fort Myers or Port Charlotte. All the way up to 155mph overnight and 952mb(!!). Reminds me of Michael– that’s gonna be ugly. Gotta go find the nearest relief-supplies dropoff today and take some wet wipes and diapers and stuff. They’re gonna be without power for at least a week over a huge swath.


              2. I’ve been getting scary messages of warning about Fort Myers all night. I’m there so much, my app thinks I’m a resident. Praying for everybody in that beautiful area!


              3. FWIW, if you’re thinking about donating, stay away from Red Cross. The people who’ll be on the ground, serving hot meals and doing search and rescue, within hours of the storm passing, are the Salvation Army and the various Cajun Navy groups. You’ve never seen anything more beautiful than a bunch of men with chainsaws and trucks rolling into town after a big storm.

                For the longer-term stuff, Samaritan’s Purse and various Mennonite groups were in our town for over a year, putting roofs on people’s houses. There’s a big Mennonite/Amish presence in that part of South Florida (even the PA groups all vacation in Sarasota), so they’re probably a good bet.

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          2. \ If I see rape happening and I decide to “stay neutral,” I’m effectively siding with the rapist by facilitating the rape.

            If a rapist is wielding a knife or a gun and you are not armed, it is OK to let 10 policemen standing around to do their job.

            It is not like only Israel has weapons in the entire Western world.

            If Ukraine still doesn’t have XYZ, don’t you want to ask your country (USA) and Europe what they are thinking of?

            They are much larger and stronger than Israel and aren’t vulnerable in the ways we are.


            1. Forget weapons. Where’s the solidarity of the kind that would cost absolutely no money? Look at Estonians, killing themselves to show solidarity, offer moral support. A tiny population which is, what, 1/10 of Israel’s? And they are definitely at a greater risk of Russian vengeance than Israel. Smaller, weaker, more vulnerable than Israel but unafraid and proud. Theirs will be the future because they have not taken the position of “we are tiny and insignificant, let the big guys decide the important things.”


              1. Regarding weakness of Estonia – –

                “Estonia became an EU member state in 2004 after six years of accession negotiations.”

                “Estonia became a member of NATO in 2004.”

                “This forward presence was first deployed in 2017, with the creation of four multinational battalion-size battlegroups in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, led by the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and the United States respectively.”


              2. Yes, I heard there are 1,700 NATO soldiers in Estonia. I’m sure it’s their massive presence that is emboldening Estonians to not be neutral. Compared to that gigantic army of 1,700 people, the billions of dollars that the US sends to Israel every year is a mere trifle.


    1. Blowing up NS1 is a great way to hasten the construction of NS2. And before you say this is nuts… What part of that person’s actions in any area of life is not nuts?


      1. Indeed, there’s the fog of war, and the U.S. has serious problems functioning in 2022.

        That being said: two pipelines had three major breaks in a short time interval, associated with seismic signatures of explosions; these pipelines are pretty deep, and not trivial to strike; so whoever did do this probably needed serious submarine warfare capabilities. That’s something only a few countries in the world have, and fewer have the ability to reach the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

        All of that tends to suggest, by elimination, that this was done by the U.S. There just aren’t that many other countries it could be.


            1. “wouldn’t pay it anyway, let’s be serious”

              Yeah, I’m still in the middle saying 50/50 US vs russia…. both had opportunity, means and motive. I’m waiting for more info before leaning in a direction.


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