The Lying Media

Russians are going door to door in the occupied territories, shooting people in the head if they refuse to tick the correct box on the ballot. But for the mainstream Western media, that’s a real vote with real results:

96% of what, you bastards? Hostages who sign at gunpoint?

And honestly, when did a serious vote produce a 96% (Russians are actually saying it’s 98%) agreement on anything? Three seconds of googling would have helped these Reuters idiots figure out what’s really happening.

7 thoughts on “The Lying Media

  1. Despite a boost in activity as COVID-19 infections drop worldwide, global growth is projected to remain subdued in the second half of 2022, before slowing further in 2023 to an annual growth of just 2.2%. Compared to OECD forecasts from December 2021, before Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, global GDP is now projected to be at least USD 2.8 trillion lower in 2023. There are many costs to Russia’s war, but this gives some sense of the worldwide price of the war in terms of economic output.

    A blogger writes:

    “Даже если отставить гуманитарный аспект трагедии, вызванной войной Россией против Украины (чего делать, конечно, нельзя), есть простейшие практические соображения, требующие от человечства занять твердую позицию по отношению к расходившемуся вандалу. Последний отчет OECD ясно показывает, какую цену платит мир за безумства кремлевского вурдалака.”

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    1. This is true. The whole world is paying for the insanity of these bastards. As if we didn’t pay enough for their moronic USSR experiment and the Cold War. The Russians keep freaking out, and the world keeps paying for it. It’s like having a violent drug addict in the family who steals everything and beats up the relatives.


    1. It looks like my relatives in Donetsk managed to avoid “voting.” My 6-month-old niece in Donetsk still has no birth certificate because they don’t want to register her in the DNR. God help us all.


      1. Am very glad to say that my aunt’s son is already in Tbilisi.

        The other son decided to remain in Russia with his family.

        Hope all our relatives will be fine.

        Wait, haven’t you mentioned that your relatives in Donetsk decided to move after the latest developments? Were they unable to do so because the man needs to hide?

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        1. Thank God your cousin managed to leave! This is excellent news. The first fresh conscripts have already been killed near Donetsk.

          My cousin’s husband literally hasn’t left the apartment in 6 months. So they stayed. Now he definitely can’t show his face outside. It’s really crazy.


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