Example of Low-anxiety People

And by the way, this is why Trump is so beloved by his followers. There’s quite literally nothing he can do or say to put off the real devotees. He’s a low-anxiety person, and they are high-anxiety people.

I’m not talking about those who like Trump’s policies but can remain objective and feel critical towards him. This is all completely normal. I’m speaking specifically about the hardcore devotees.

3 thoughts on “Example of Low-anxiety People

  1. “why Trump is so beloved by his followers”

    It’s also why some on the right in the US are so besotted with putain… RT and other sources went out of their way to portray him as cool and unflappable….
    The reality is that he’s a very undecisive timid coward…. but it’s hard to get psychologically needy westerners to perceive that.

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