No Off-ramp

There are two groups of people who keep calling on the Western countries to seek the “off-ramp” with Russia: Russian bots or congenital idiots. There is no exit ramp if you aren’t driving and have nothing that the driver wants.

Right now, today, at this moment, Russians are in the process of accepting that they will start a nuclear war. They are normalizing and justifying it in their minds. This started a while ago and it’s reaching a stage of placid acceptance now. This is scary but hiding from this fact behind feel-good fantasies is useless.


4 thoughts on “No Off-ramp

    1. Yeah… And here people can’t take their heads out of their asses to notice. Remember all those tools who came out for “climate strikes”? Where’s the similar passion to stop a nuclear Holocaust? Where’s Greta Thunberg? Where are all the praceniks? Do they think that a nuclear war will be great for the environment?

      It was all completely fake, as always.


  1. (An honest, not rhetorical question) After the current situation with Russia, did you start believing in the threat of nuclear Iran, or do you think it would’ve been a different situation altogether?

    Just now found out about this cute reality:

    “In March 2016, Iran tested a ballistic missile painted with the phrase “Israel should be wiped
    off the Earth” in Hebrew. The missile is reported to be capable of reaching Israel.”


    1. You know that I don’t like analogies. Nothing is like anything else. That’s why I never talk about fascism in Russia or make the now obligatory statements about the Sudetenland annexation.

      I don’t believe that Iranians are on the same place as Russians. I have an Iranian teacher working for my department right now. Yesterday I talked to an Iranian graduate student. They are very actively, openly and insistently against the Iranian regime. And I’m yet to meet a single Russian who feels this way about the Russian regime.


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