A Restored School

Alongside the beautiful footage of the burning Crimean bridge, look at these photos of a restored school in Irpin that Russians destroyed in March:

The last image is a bomb shelter because nobody believes Russians will bugger off for good.

The people’s desire to rebuild is absolutely amazing.

4 thoughts on “A Restored School

    1. I’m hoping for a renewal of the world in the direction of strength and resilience. I hope people will be inspired, start learning more about this way of being and then adopt it for themselves.

      This is genuinely a different way of being a Westerner today.


  1. Thank you for your continued posts and for Ukraine’s continued resilience.

    I was driving to visit a friend (in the UK) this morning and I realised that I was still seeing as many Ukrainian flags and symbols of support as I was seeing Union Jacks.

    The relative absence of our flag didn’t surprise me – there’s long been a national trait that says we don’t need to advertise our superiority (and yes that is said tongue in cheek!). I was surprised by how moved I was when QEII died and I knew I was both patriotic and a supporter of the Royal family.

    However, I am surprised and pleased by how consistent the public support for Ukraine is here in Britain (England I suppose based on personal observation).

    There’s no point to this comment apart from that I want to encourage you and your compatriots. Ukraine will prevail!

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