Q’s As

The QAnon crowd noticed the continuities between the Trump and Biden administrations and came up with its own explanation. Biden, they say, has long been killed by the generals who remained loyal to Trump (in another version, Biden was arrested and sent to Gitmo). Trump is the true president and is carrying out all the presidential duties in secret. The secrecy is needed to draw out the swamp members who would sabotage Trump

I didn’t find this online but heard it from real, live people.

5 thoughts on “Q’s As

  1. facepalm

    Q: the conspiracy theory that makes you feel awesomely insider, without ever requiring you to lift a finger to save the world.

    Still think it’s a psyop run by deepstate admins, myself. Totally brilliant way to keep the antigovernment loonies complacent, when they might otherwise be trying to organize.

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    1. Absolutely. This comes up every time when I try to talk about the need to vote in November. “There’s no voting at this time. We are under martial law. Voting has been suspended, etc.” It’s very frustrating because we have really important local elections where some very crazy left-wing people are running for school boards, county, etc. I’m trying to get out the vote, and people come at me with this garbage. We need every vote because it’s only thanks to the deep red county board that we had no lockdowns to speak of.

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  2. Well, obviously I run the world from the command bridge of my Arkellian battle cruiser …

    [name checks out] 😉


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