No Virtual

Students are avoiding virtual events, and good for them. We are supposed to be having “a virtual career fair” but nobody signed up. And why should they? The job market is great for the workers. Why should they waste time on an employer who can’t be bothered to show up in person?

Anybody who hasn’t come back in person by now is asking to get boycotted.


4 thoughts on “No Virtual

      1. IKR? They have in-person meetings, too. We only do in-person.

        I’d have strong objections to the video version even if I didn’t have weird neurological issues with video. But add those together, and it’s an absolute no-go. There are some things worth getting on a video-call for, and suffering a three-day migraine later for it– family emergencies, that sort of thing. 4H is not one of them.


  1. Want to brag a bit:

    // Israel is the fifth-most educated country globally, with roughly half of the Jewish state’s citizens achieving a higher education degree, according to a report from the education search platform Erudera.
    The number one country in the world for higher education was Canada, with nearly 60 percent of its citizens completing a tertiary degree – referring to all post-secondary education, including universities, colleges and vocational schools.
    Rounding out the top five were Japan, Luxembourg and South Korea.


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