Choose Your Freak

Pritzker will be reelected Governor of Illinois. A corrupt billionaire who gives a new meaning to the expression “a fat cat rich guy” will rule us forever. What a shame.

But it serves us right for running an eminently unelectable Darren Bailey against him. I don’t know why a big state like Illinois can’t find anybody who isn’t either a corrupt, obese hypocrite from a family of freaks or a brain-dead moron who’s a step below a chimpanzee on the evolutionary ladder.

7 thoughts on “Choose Your Freak

  1. It’s back to Choose Your Freak in the UK as well.

    Liz “The Human Hand Grenade” Truss has chosen Exit, Stage Right.

    This is a huge pity because we hadn’t even ramped up to the memes yet.

    And this is really a huge pity because there’s this one picture where she looks like the O RLY snowy owl, just begging for O RLY memes to flow from it.

    Ah Liz, we hardly knew ye enough to make fun of ye. 🙂


      1. Ah, but I would never pass up “an istoric opportunity” to take the piss on people who say “an istoric opportunity” … 🙂


  2. 41% of the state’s population lives in Cook County, where there has not been an open, honest election in over 175 years. Nobody is getting elected to an important statewide office unless they are owned by the Outfit, regardless of party.

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    1. I know, you are right. I don’t want to believe it because it’s unpleasant but you are absolutely right, unfortunately.

      Here downstate it’s a different world because most of local offices are deep red.

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  3. Have you seen that?

    // Fire destroys refugee shelter for Ukrainians in Germany
    Germany’s top security official has suggested that a fire that destroyed a shelter for Ukrainian refugees on Germany’s Baltic coast could have been arson

    While the cause of the fire was still under investigation, it appeared to have started on one of the outside walls of the building, dpa reported.

    On Monday, police received a report of graffiti depicting a Nazi swastika in the entrance area of the shelter. Whether the graffiti was connected to the fire is not yet known, police said.


    // The blaze, in the sparsely populated, poor eastern state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, took place near where, in August 1992, hundreds of far-right radicals rioted against asylum seekers for two days, throwing petrol bombs at their encampments, in post-war Germany’s worst anti-immigrant mob attacks.

    The events triggered copycat attacks all over Germany, including the burning down by neo-Nazis the following year of a Turkish family’s house in Solingen. Five family members were killed and 14 injured.


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