Another Neoliberal Trick

Here’s another trick of Russian neoliberalism. The authorities contact a mother of a dead soldier and tell her, “We buried your son. Here’s the bill for what it cost us. 62,000 rubles. Pay or we’ll put a lien on your apartment.” They paid nothing, of course, but how is the poor broad going to prove it? This whole war is a pretext for a capital transfer upwards, like everything in neoliberalism.

2 thoughts on “Another Neoliberal Trick

  1. “ussian neoliberalism”

    Is this really neoliberalism or just the traditional lying and stealing that seem to permeate every level of russian culture?
    I’ve also heard recently of commanders “selling” rotations away from the front to soldiers.
    Then there’s this – sending men to the front with plastic paintball masks, children’s gloves and rubber boots…

    On what basis do russians consider themselves superior…. to anyone?

    And that insight (from you about their feeling of superiority) has come in handy for me elsewhere online… when russians are too… aggressive I just use the word ‘inferior’ a lot in reference to the country and society and they seem to disappear (sometimes after vieled threats).

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    1. Another expression that makes them disappear is “you have my permission.” Their sense of superiority creates a huge cognitive dissonance when they hear it.


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