A Lethal Weapon

Yes, there’s definitely no need to open up comments since anybody who saw this image is in the grip of an epileptic fit and can’t type.

I hope the Pentagon isn’t snoozing on the job and is adopting this as a weapon of mass terror against our enemies.

4 thoughts on “A Lethal Weapon

  1. That looks like a pride flag on acid, it’s weirdly cool but nonsensical for someone who isn’t sure what it is. I had no idea there were so many LGBT communities, although I am asexual and aromantic I wouldn’t carry around a pride flag since that’s not my whole identity. The idea of making my sexual identity the whole aspect of how I identify is weird, I have many facets to my identity


  2. My image blockers nabbed it, so I can’t see the pic, but I’m guessing it’s the new seizure-inducing, AI-generated(?) “Pride” insult to vexillology.

    Even with the image blockers, it’s crossed my screen a couple of times, and while it’s rare to encounter a still image that will induce migraine and nausea… this is one of them!

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