Hoisted on His Own Petard

Folks, this is too funny. The Dean was extremely supportive of the hiring freeze. Then he tried to hire a new Associate Dean and found out that…. guess what? … there’s a hiring freeze. Now he’s stuck answering every email about course schedule changes, office assignments, and so on.

I discussed this with other Chairs and we laughed maniacally.


5 thoughts on “Hoisted on His Own Petard

  1. You should find ways to make this considerably worse without substantially changing the outcome!

    When these kinds of people find out that they also need to run to keep up just like they advocate for all of the people working for them, the results can be highly encouraging.

    But when everyone’s helping him enjoy the Neoliberal Workplace Marathon Experience?

    There won’t be any need for “QUIT WHILE YOU ARE AHEAD” signs, not unless he’s also stealing your lunches. 🙂

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    1. Exactly. Let them taste their own medicine. Everybody who cheers for the neoliberal workplace practices seems quite oblivious of the fact that these practices will be required of them, too.

      I survived and prospered during the post-Soviet 1990s. That was real dog-eat-dog capitalism, so I’m fine. It’s not myself that I’m worried about here but people who have mental health crises whenever reality doesn’t adapt to their fantasy.


      1. Post Soviet 90s seems unlikely. I suspect people will just take minimum wage jobs and opt out of the rat race like Japan.


        1. Works for me, Daiso Sangyo helped save the Japanese economy after the 1990s Nikkei implosion with cheap consumer grot.

          There are worse things than working for a Japanese company.

          Such as working for a Japanese company. 🙂

          There’s a reason manga such as “ZOM 100” are so popular …


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