Eager and Willing

To prove that something massive has changed with Musk’s purchase of Twitter, eager leftists troll the platform for racist comments with one or two views and give them gigantic viewership. They are trying to prove that Twitter has become racist overnight by retweeting racist stuff.

I accessed the platform to see the news from the war, and instead found myself staring at a long list of really disgusting racist commentary that moderate leftists are reposting in gigantic numbers.

I wonder what we can call an eager leftist who spends his Saturday morning spamming people’s feeds with the n word to make some utterly unnecessary point.

5 thoughts on “Eager and Willing

  1. I’ve poked around Twatter a bit the last couple of days, because it’s such an interesting chaos. I’m not getting the racist spam, but my newsfeed is absolutely crammed with righties re-posting video from that creep whatsisname who recently dressed up as a girl to visit the Whitehouse.

    Why is everybody signal-boosting that guy? I am so sick of seeing his face, and also depressed that so many “conservatives” are totally content to let the other side dictate what they talk about.

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    1. Exactly. I always get annoyed by this kind of thing, too. I think it was Matt Walsh who unearthed an interview about the Canadian teacher with huge prosthetic breasts and protruding nipples, claiming that he was doing it to protest the wokeness. All of a sudden, this teacher was a brave hero. As if it traumatized the students less if he wore the breasts for a good reason. Who cares about his reasoning? The kids have to stare at this monstrosity daily. That’s the only thing that should matter. The recesses of this teacher’s psyche shouldn’t matter because we can’t access them anyway.


  2. “… I wonder what we can call an eager leftist who spends his Saturday morning spamming people’s feeds with the n word …”


    It’s all part of The Plan, of course.

    You know, trust The Plan?


    So what will be The Plan for getting a big Pentagon contractor to buy Twitter?

    It won’t be anything good.

    But Twitter can look like Kiwifarms for a while so that this “public learning experience” of Elon Musk will eventually be revealed as a trial period for Twitter With Big Fences Which Make Great Neighbours.

    Which of course people addicted to Twitter will eventually be coaxed into paying for along with everything else this big Pentagon contractor wants to build into the “X = Everything” app.

    That too won’t be anything good.

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    1. Amazing how many “globalists” are part of the military industrial complex.

      I suppose they do a good job of providing global surveillance capabilities to the NSA.

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