Angry Subconscious

My subconscious hates me. I had a dream in which I was listening to new songs by Pugacheva (a mega famous Soviet performer of extraordinary vulgarity). These new songs don’t exist. My subconscious invented them. The music, the lyrics, the works. And then forced me to listen to them.

Why, subconscious, why?


4 thoughts on “Angry Subconscious

    1. In the most memorable of these songs, Pugacheva sings that she decided to have another baby with her dearly beloved gay husband. The stuff of nightmares right there.


  1. Pugacheva, no!
    I will not listen to this song
    Listen to this song

    Oh mama mia, mama mia
    Pugacheva has a new song set aside
    For meeeeee
    For meeeeee

    [absurd “Bohemian Rhapsody” drum machine and Casio keyboard solo]



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