Everything Is Anti-something

How is it “anti-LGBTQ” to say Paul Pelosi is gay? It can be untrue but the existence of gay people isn’t in itself anti anything. And it definitely has nothing to do with the LTQ part of the acronym.


8 thoughts on “Everything Is Anti-something

  1. // How is it “anti-LGBTQ” to say Paul Pelosi is gay?

    “He is a criminal … must be black” follows the same logic as “something fishy and violent happened … must be gayness hiding somewhere”


    1. “something fishy and violent happened…”

      And the mainstream media is putting out bits and pieces of information (or they’re leaking out…) that make no sense… the term ‘ has no face validity*’ comes to mind.

      People are expected to believe that a psychotic drug addict either made his way into the house in his underwear, or took of his close after making his way into the house (security? cameras?)
      They guy asked for a bathroom break (with his phone!) during the middle of an attack by deranged right-wingers and actually knew the name of the assailant….

      None of it makes sense.

      What does make sense: Maybe Pelosi has long been bisexual and/or developed a… taste for manflesh late in life (see Malcolm Forbes**) and/or enjoys the use of controlled substances.
      One of his contacts for one or the other of these activities (or both) had a pscyhotic break during a meeting at Pelosi’s house, the police came to save his wrinkled ass and now everybody’s playing damage control by making up stories that make no sense until things blow over or they find a new distraction…


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  2. Instead of pointing the finger at ludicrous, non-existent, anti-Lgbtq animus (@el – … must be gayness hiding somewhere”: please, try another one!), people should ask: Why are mainstream media so desperately trying to shoot down any alternative explanation in order to prop up the official – unsustainable – version? WHAT are they trying to hide and WHY are they trying to hide it from the public?
    For all those who keep barking “Republican conspiracy! MAGA extremist! Anti-gay bias!”, I’ve got news for you: I’m a homosexual, NOT an idiot. I’ve got two apt sayings for you: don’t look at my finger when I’m pointing at the moon, or even better, don’t piss on my shoes and tell me it’s raining.

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    1. IKR?

      It’d be way, way less suspicious if they were just like “hey, Paul’s down-on-his-luck old acquaintance stopped by while tweaking, Paul thought he could help, but then dude had a psychotic break.” Might even be able to spin that in some sympathetic way, like we need more services for addicts/homeless/mentally ill. Probably could have even come out and said it was his bisexual ex, and asked for privacy for the family at this stressful time. It’s not the 1950s anymore.

      Jumping straight for “It’s all some kind of MAGA conspiracy!” is probably the worst possible face-saving move here. Way easier to put a palatable spin on an awkward truth, than to just outright lie about it.

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  3. I am anti-Miracle Whip.

    I will never be pro-Miracle Whip.

    This does not prevent you from enjoying that dollop of mayo on your pommes frites.

    Because this is really about Miracle Whip.

    Some people may not like some fake ersatz thing some people are offering.

    This does not prevent them from enjoying the truth.

    Because this is really about the truth.


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