Telegram Woes

Does anybody know what’s happening with Telegram? It’s asking for my phone number and refuses me the access without it.

The only reason I wanted to use it is because the charitable organization for which I’m doing free translation is asking me to give them my Telegram contact. I used to be able to access it easily but now I have no access at all.

Darn Europeans and their obsession with apps. If it’s not FaceTime, or Telegram, it’s Whatsapp. So annoying.


5 thoughts on “Telegram Woes

  1. I use Telegram for several groups and maybe a month ago I was getting a pop-up message every five days that you had not been on the platform in x amount of time and that access would be restricted if you did not update the page within x days. I figured it meant my access to your page, but perhaps it meant your access? I would guess it’s a security feature to prevent unauthorized use of your login credentials.


    1. Right, I haven’t used it for a while because I hate the format, so now I can’t get back on. It’s fine, I wasn’t that eager to be on there anyway but thank you for the clarification.


  2. “Europeans and their obsession with apps”

    I hate apps and am convinced it’s part of the…. establishment (for lack of a better word) to disempower the internet.
    I never got telegram for the same reason I didn’t get tiktok both are apps not web pages and I’m not interested in them and don’t see the advantage to users of an app over a website…

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  3. “what’s happening with Telegram? ”

    Just occurred to me…. hasn’t russia blocked telegram (worried about mobiks finding out how to surrender)?
    Maybe the phone number thing is related to that?


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