Brazil, Brazil

All I have to say about the election in Brazil is that both candidates are slavishly subservient to Putin and both hate Ukraine. Beyond that, I’m not interested in examining the slightly different shades of Brazilian right-wing and left-wing turd.

Brazil is screwed but that’s nothing new.

8 thoughts on “Brazil, Brazil

  1. This was my conclusion after some light investigation. I’m sure there are differences meaningful to people actually living in Brazil but I’m not going to pretend I can have any insight into this as a total outsider.


    1. South and Central America have been swaying between the far right and the far left for a century. The results are terrible but there’s no will to stop.

      The extremes of the left and the right are near identical, so there’s never any actual change in these countries.


      1. My mom and her side of the family are Brazilian.

        Congratulations. You now are capable of understanding why some people who read your blog do not care enough or in the right way about Ukraine.

        Two peas in a pod, and with the same enemies.


        1. It’s never going to stop mystifying me why people would think it’s OK to come to the blog of a person who never sought them out and never hurt them in any way and insult her with phrases like “you are now capable of understanding.”

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          1. I thought I had managed to hit dI have been reading forseveral years here. Still, I thought I had delete before the comments went through. It was a completely pointless thing to write, no matte.


  2. I don’t know much about Brazil either, but I loathe Bolsonaro. I just hate populists; doesn’t matter left-wing or right-wing.

    Here is a good video on the situation from Peter Zeihan:


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