Why Doesn’t Zelensky Negotiate?

I’m very puzzled by people who keep saying that Zelensky should negotiate for peace with Russia. Not only did Russia at no point express any intention to withdraw its troops, Ukraine is not an autocracy. It’s a democratic country, which is what caused the war in the first place. Zelensky was elected to do the will of the people. Does anybody still remember what that means? He can’t just choose to negotiate if he has no mandate for it. There’s zero support in Ukraine for negotiations with Russia. Zelensky will not remain president if he decides to thwart the will of the people so blatantly.

There’s a million people fighting on the frontlines in Ukraine. And they are winning. How does anybody imagine that one person can tell them to admit defeat and go home? Why would they listen?

Sovereignty, democracy, agency and self-respect still have meaning to some people. To some countries, even. Especially the countries that want to remain countries and not turn into some global blob of isolated, brainwashed robots.


8 thoughts on “Why Doesn’t Zelensky Negotiate?

  1. Interesting take on loss of russian prestige (for lack of a betterr word) second post is the money quote.

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  2. oops correction: first attempt (feel free to delete that) left off the post with the quote…

    Interesting take on loss of russian prestige (for lack of a betterr word) second post is the money quote.

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  3. The other point that everyone seems to be forgetting is that he did try to negotiate. Not for peace, but for evacuation corridors. Russia pretended to be interested and then went and bombed the corridors as people were evacuating. So honestly it’s not even worth it to try for peace because a) Russia will demand a large chunk of Ukraine, and b) the declaration of “peace” won’t stop them from continuing the war. There’s really no point in pretend negotiations like that.

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    1. Exactly. Russians are now saying openly that they need a break in large-scale hostilities to regroup and continue with the offensive. It would be the height of insanity to assist them in this.


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