I know somebody who went crazy during the COVID lockdowns. Completely lost touch with reality. It’s a quiet madness but it’s not any less sad because of it. This is a single person who ended up spending too much time alone and online during the lockdowns and now believes that everything is controlled by a conspiracy of Jewish bankers, from the unseasonably warm weather (Jewish bankers have special machines that control the weather to hurt farmers) to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (Putin is a Jew) to the closure of the diner down the road whose owner retired (the Rothschilds had it in for the diner because of the FBI).

Obviously, there was some tendency to loopiness in this person before COVID but she’s now completely mentally gone.

This woman is two years younger than me, by the way.


8 thoughts on “COVID Crazy

  1. “… the Rothschilds had it in for the diner because of the FBI …”

    That could be such a cool Suzanne Vega song parody.

    But you know the first rule of Crackpot Dating Club is that you do not talk about Crackpot Dating Club. 🙂

    “… ya know what Stuart, I like you, you’re not like the other people here in the trailer park …”

    Go find a video for the song “Stuart” by The Dead Milkmen and send it to her.

    But first, you might want to listen to it … 🙂

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  2. All through the lockdown, when I was slowly going crazy, I kept wondering if this is how it’s affecting me — an introvert and a natural recluse — what is it doing to the mental health of people who are neither introverts nor recluses?

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    1. Yeah, I quite enjoyed the lockdown phase, short-lived though it was. Nobody expected me to go be social anywhere! I did worry a lot about how it would affect the kids… but actually the neighborhood kids were outside playing same as always, so no big deal after all.

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        1. Honestly: this is why my kids have siblings! My own mother worked fulltime, was stressed and exhausted, and had a crappy marriage. Parenting in my childhood home was… subpar. The main thing that made up the difference was having siblings. No matter how stressful everything else was, or even how much I fought with my brother, when our parents were too much (or too little), we were at least all on the same team. To this day, my siblings are very nearly the most important people in my life, even though they are radically different personalities from mine, and not people I would hang out with, if we weren’t related.

          So when we got married, I told my husband– we can either have no kids, or we can have, absolute minimum, three– because what if we turn out to be crappy parents? If we have just one, we’ll torture the poor kid for 18 years. Just two? They’ll torture each other! With three, you have a tiebreaker, and room for shifting inter-sibling politics. You’ve always got a spare if you’re on the outs with one of your siblings. It’s rare to be on the outs with all of them at the same time!

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    2. Right? Even I was going a bit loopy, and that’s after only 10 weeks, not living alone, and being mega introverted by nature. I’ve seen people go into a deep depression because this isn’t a normal way to live for human beings. Solitary confinement is considered a form of torture if done for over 2 weeks. And here we had people locked up for over a year.

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