Election Projection

If you’re looking for signs of hope in the races against incumbent Democrat governors, this morning’s poll releases have optimistic news in three races out of four. A Trafalgar poll shows Lee Zeldin now tied 48–48 with New York governor Kathy Hochul; an Insider Advantage poll shows Tudor Dixon now tied 45–45 with Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer


This is great news in a completely non-partisan way. Hochul and Whitmer are the Democrat version of the batty Michelle Bachmann. They should not be in office.

On the negative side, we are screwed in Illinois because our Republican challenger to the Governor JB Pritzker not only is barking mad, he’s not trying to win. There’s quite literally no campaign, no yard signs, no mailers, no effort to make his name at least a bit recognizable.

We are equally screwed in our Senate race where I’ll have to vote for the Democrat Tammy Duckworth because her Republican challenger is so cuckoo bananas that she makes my “Putin is an illegitimate son of the Rothschilds” look sane.

Both parties have an extremely active and aggressive nutty fringe that holds an enormous sway over the party and makes normal people give up on elections altogether.


10 thoughts on “Election Projection

  1. I would be very happy if New York goes Republican. It really needs a drastic change from the same draconian Democrat bullshit that is creating more crime and hopelessness.

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  2. “This is great news in a completely non-partisan way. Hochul and Whitmer are the Democrat version of the batty Michelle Bachmann. They should not be in office. ”

    Hochul talks, looks, and acts like an evil witch.

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  3. Don’t polls pretty much always skew Democrat? Assuming that’s still the case, that means the Republicans are already ahead in those races.

    …though I think Briggs noted this week, that actually what happens is that all the polling companies skew left because that’s what their clients want, but then in the last week or two, they start posting closer to the real numbers (look! It changed!) because when they get scored for accuracy, that last poll is the one everybody looks at. So… look! the polls just got transposed up three notes, so they could be more accurate.

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    1. I really, really wonder if this isn’t actually helping the R side to get out the vote! Like, oh, no, the polls are kind of close, maybe I was gonna be lazy and stay home like last year, but hey, this time it actually matters if I show up or not!


    1. Exactly. She’s not even trying to run seriously. There’s no online presence, no appearances, nothing.

      Yes, Illinois is very difficult. But you’ve got to keep trying! You can’t just give it up forever.


      1. I’ve no experience of IL, but the reputation they have in the rest of the US is that the political machine is so dreadfully corrupt that any actual serious opposition candidate who looked like they might have a chance to win would A) Be outvoted by dead people or B) have a fatal car accident.

        If there’s any truth to the reputation… it makes sense that no serious candidates want to run on a conservative ticket. They tend to have families and stuff.

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        1. It’s true but if there ever was a moment to make inroads in Illinois, it’s now. Many people are very angry over the lockdowns, the school closures, the death of kids’ sports. We’ve had some of the worst lockdowns in the nation. Small businesses have been wiped out. School achievement has gone off a cliff and into the Mariana Trench. I’ve seen some lifelong Democrats feeling angry and politically homeless. But they need a reasonable, middle-of-the-road candidate and not a bugged-out person who is howling at the moon.

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  4. “… because her Republican challenger is so cuckoo bananas …”




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