Men Things

Just a cute video of men doing goofy men things:

This reminded me how my 6-year-old nephew, who was exhausted by having to exist among a large group of women with nobody to engage him in manly pursuits, came home from summer camp and discovered his sister and cousin sitting on the floor, making dolly clothes and singing with sweet, tender voices, “Sally was a child, a child, a child. . .”

“Oh no,” the poor guy said, turning around and walking right back out of the house. “No, not this. I can’t stand any more of this.”

The look of sheer horror on his face was priceless. But I get it. That’s how I would feel if I had to coexist with what’s in the video posted above.


7 thoughts on “Men Things

    1. Some people also have outsized opinions of themselves due to distorted maps which make their countries look bigger than they really are.


      1. There’s also a weird thing where people equate big with good. Russians are hugely proud of the size of their country, even though the tiny Switzerland, for example, has a much better standard of living. Who needs all that territory if you can’t manage it well? It’s incomprehensible to me.


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