5 thoughts on “I’ve Been Discovered

  1. Never understood the concept of party registration, it must be unique to the US. In Europe you can become a party member by paying yearly dues, in which case you are a “card-carrying party member”. It has no bearing whatsoever on the electoral process: no one will know how you cast your vote in the polling booth.


    1. US party registration also doesn’t guarantee a vote within party lines. But if you’re registered to a party you can vote in the primaries, which is when the parties pick which candidates they’ll endorse.


    2. “party registration”

      When I registered to vote they asked if I wanted to be registered as a democrat, republican or independent (I chose the last). Basically it was just used for primaries…. you could only vote in your party’s primary (that is it determined the ballot you received in the primary).
      My parents were both registered democrats not because they were but at that time and place the democratic primary was the real election.
      Not sure what the system looks like now…

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      1. Exactly. My parents actually switched from registered D several years ago, to registered R, because our county went from being a place where the Democrat primary was the real election, to being a place where the Republican primary was the real election.


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