Floridians, Beware

If Floridians don’t return DeSantis to the governor’s mansion, I won’t even travel to Florida again. If you are lucky enough to get the best governor in the nation, you don’t piss that away. Come to Illinois and look at what things can be like if you aren’t happy with DeSantis.

5 thoughts on “Floridians, Beware

  1. Well, so far he’s up seventeen percentage points with most of the votes counted.
    Looking like he didn’t just win, but it was kind of a bloodbath for Crist… who, let’s face it, was not a serious challenger.

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      1. I’m pleased. He just barely squeaked by four years ago. But lockdown resistance, shoving Disney back, resisting CRT in the schools, and the hurricane Ian response have made him a rockstar.

        I hope he doesn’t run for president.

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