Recipe for Self-aggrandizement

And this is in an election where Trump isn’t even running for anything:

Imagine how joyfully they’ll feel sorry for themselves once he does run.

People are seriously bored in life.


One thought on “Recipe for Self-aggrandizement

  1. 5 ways to soothe the after-effects of the US election miasma:

    1) Get the people near you to get a second passport if they don’t have one.
    2) Take a break from the election hysteria by going somewhere else.
    3) Move anything not nailed down that is valuable so you can protect it.
    4) Breathe easier by hiring very competent international tax and relocation professionals.
    5) Limit how many “mainstream news” sound bites you consume.

    Number 4 was highly revelatory: both of us messed up in a lot of small ways and one big way.

    So it’ll take at least seven years to straighten that out even after Number 1 gets sorted for my future wife.

    “You’re just waiting to see if the passport comes in so you know there’s nothing in my past to be worried about.”

    “I’d be lying if I said that’s the only thing I’m waiting on with that passport showing up, but that’s one.”

    When you’re up to five, it’s no longer a big deal, but for some people it’s a big deal.


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