9 thoughts on “Waiting for the Results

  1. I’m pleased as punch to see Sarah Sanders win governor of Arkansas, and look forward to many hilariously hostile press conferences.

    Here, we are all simply astonished to see Miami-Dade go for DeSantis.

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        1. He has been very activate this campaign and has backed several key candidates that lost. It’s also no secret that he plans to run again in 2024.


  2. Yes, I had a feeling too many in the GOP were counting their chickens too early. What I am surprised about is the large loss by Lee Zeldin in New York and possibly by Kari Lake in Arizona, as the polls showed them very close with the Democrat. It is understandable if the Democrat over polls and then underperforms because people can be afraid to admit they support the GOP candidate, but it doesn’t make sense for the Republican to have over polled.

    I do hope this ends Trump as a leader in the GOP. He was a good president in many ways, but he is just too immature and mean-spirited to be able to win again (or be s truly decent president I think) and the MAGA base itself unfortunately has become outright whacky. Which is a shame because the only alternatives are the equally whacky far-left Democrats and the elitist country-club, Blue Blood, WASPY-wasp establishment Republicans.


  3. The GOP might (MIGHT) get some decent victories. But since they’ll be happening after election night if they happen, nobody will feel excited. I miss the good ol’ days when we could accomplish basic tasks like counting ballots.


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