Happy Voting Day!

In my Cervantes class, we keep discussing what or who is the source of the truth. Is there a source of truth that exists outside of us and what is it? And what happens when we decide that we are the only source of truth?

This is why the following looked particularly funny:

In Illinois, Voting Day is a state holiday, and I plan to enjoy this handout as I go vote against further handouts.

Klara asked what the voting is about. I said we are electing people to the government.

“Gunmint?” she asked. “Wasn’t it gunmint who made me wear a mask at school?”

I confirmed that it was.

“Don’t vote for that gunmint, Mommy,” she said. “It’s not nice.”


17 thoughts on “Happy Voting Day!

  1. Elon Musk is an incredible moron, and more importantly, shows no signs he’s gonna meaningfully change twitter. Good thing I didn’t have high hopes for him in the first place.

    Ohio has some exciting ballot measures and a chance to flip the state supreme court. I’m ready to get to the polls!

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    1. Totally agree on Musk. Where’s the free speech championship we were promised?

      Definitely, let’s go vote and punish these bastards for the lockdowns, the riots, the “defund the police” lunacy, all of it.


      1. Sadly, I could not punish Mike DeWine, considering an even more covidian Democrat was running against him. But I still had a lot of good things to vote for.


  2. Also, it’s only n=1, but before last week, I couldn’t stand Twatter.

    Have been on there a lot this week, because the chaos is highly amusing. Can’t tell yet whether it’s useful though– there still seem to be some motivated errors and search bans going on.


    1. Twitter hasn’t unsuspended @anarchyball or @notanarchyball …

      So this magical love-in period is just the purest of bullshit.

      But Nick Land came back from the Land of the Shadow Banned, along with HBD Chick …

      Twitter’s reforming, right?

      [blank stare]

      Twitter’s reforming, right??? 🙂


      1. Yeah, I’m skeptical if it’ll go anywhere or if the changes are more than illusory, though I notice some people seem to have been reinstated, there are way more things people can say, and a lot of the search bans have been dropped. I figure… give it a month and see what happens. I’m sure the censorship mechanisms and botnets are some kind of nasty tech spaghetti on the backside of the console, and will probably take time to untangle without crashing everything. Who knows? They did occasionally ban accounts for legit reasons like planning jihad, encouraging people to off themselves, or posting CP (though not particularly diligent about that), IIRC. I assume this means that reinstatements have to be done manually, and they can’t just push a magic button that un-bans everyone. They’re also in the process of ditching/replacing most of the employees, so… it’ll take a while, even if they’re serious?

        That said, even if they are serious, I’ll probably drop it again in a week or so. The format itself doesn’t work for me. I’m not a soundbyte person– I prefer long-form both for reading and writing, and Twitter’s the opposite of that. I do hope it’ll go back to being the best place to get breaking news on still-happening events.


  3. My little one accompanied my husband to vote, happily exclaiming that they are “voting for merica”. I am not a voter (at least not in this country), I will only have to live with the consequences…

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    1. I had all three of mine in tow this morning. Nonstop barrage of questions. Who is (name on sign)? Are we gonna vote for him? Why not? How do they count it? What does the machine do? Why does the sign say you can’t take pictures, but you can take a picture of your own ballot? Hey, that name looks familiar, are we gonna vote for him? Why aren’t there any signs on this side of the road? etc. etc. etc.

      I’m basically giving them the day off from schoolwork because my ears are too tired.

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      1. I think this is really great for children. My parents used to take me to the polls when I was little. They always made a point of going to vote, even in the single party times. Later on when we started to have a real choice of who to vote for, my older sibling worked counting the votes in the local polling place. I have seen the process done really well and efficiently (elections held on a single day in person) with a lot of checks and balances in place. It is a privilege to be able to vote and I am sad about what has been happening here.

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      2. We live in a mail in ballot only state but I’m still taking the kids with me to drop off our ballots at the local elections office. Maybe someday they will have an opportunity to vote in person.
        I wish that we had an opportunity to vote for a non-lunatic progressive covidian but at least there are some exciting races elsewhere in the state.

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        1. Their 4H club meetings have been wildly and unexpectedly educational. They have a quick business meeting between rounds of shooting, out at the range. I was thinking… oh, maybe we need to go over Robert’s Rules of Order so they’ll know what’s going on in the meetings. Before I could do so, my 10yo came in from playing with the neighborhood kids outside (there are seven or eight of them, they have a fort) and proudly showed me the minutes from the last two neighborhood kids clubhouse meetings. This is now how they decide whether to play tag, or bike around, or pet the feral cat or whatever– somebody makes a motion, they vote on it, it goes in the minutes.

          I also finally know the real names of their friends “Bug” and “Toot” now, because they decided nicknames weren’t official enough for the minutes. >_<

          Kids are so weird. But hey, they have a fair idea of how to conduct a business meeting, now. And I didn’t have to lift a finger for it.


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