Police State

Wow, New Zealand just doesn’t quit on being a police state. COVID is gone, so they found something else.

Yes, smoking is bad. But people smoke to self-soothe. The need will not go away because one addictive substance is banned. People will find a substitute, and it’s not likely to be much better.


3 thoughts on “Police State

    1. “… will they …”

      No, because Enzed’s ACC national healthscare scheme would like to claim that all of that “self-medicating” has been the big problem in the first place, because muh jobs, muh big state jobs.

      Everything from the Prime Administerer Jacinda Horsejaw down has been filled with precisely the kinds of people you’d expect from social insurance and healthscare schemes gone mad, and what power they have they’re not likely to give up, even with a solid threat of a fight.

      But I’d like to send the Enzed Denizens back who have been telling me what a deal, what a steal their social insurance and national healthscare schemes have been, that I’ve been such a fool for tolerating the broken US system or the sometimes death-enhancing UK system, even while they stay away from Enzed in droves.

      They don’t call Enzed “The Shire” for nothing.

      Before planting them back in their new tents on K’ Road in Auckland (recently stolen from the military and sporting goods shop there), I’d like to make sure they get fed at least three courses from whatever has replaced the Wellington Railway Station pie cart.

      Oh, Enzed and me, we go way back.

      Unlike Singapore you can’t even get me to say that I like it even a little, except for the scenery.

      Enzed is a pretty land with the scourge of roughly four million people on it who would be better served with hardwood smoke, salt, and butter.



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