Computer Conspiracy

Why is it that a computer problem that plagued me for weeks resolves immediately and spontaneously the moment I hear the words, “the IT guy is on the way and will be here in five”?

It truly feels as if the computer were trying to give the IT guy a chance to laugh at me.


3 thoughts on “Computer Conspiracy

  1. “resolves immediately …the moment I hear the words, “the IT guy is on the way”

    Anyone who grew up around animals knows this very well…. an animal is having weird, troubling symptoms and none of the usual home remedies are working so you take it to the vet (or manage to get the vet to see it if it’s large like a horse).
    Suddenly the symptoms completely disappear as soon as they get within 50 yards of the vet and radiate good health and high spirits… while the vet (who knows this happens) sighs and leaves. Then they fall back into the same symptoms two minutes after the vet is no longer around.

    Children do this too but I have less experience with sick kids than dogs and horses….


  2. It is the same as cars. For weeks, the car makes some terrifying grinding rattling noise when you start it up. So you call the mechanic, make arrangements to drop it off the next day and… start it up to go to the garage and poof! No noise. Purrs like a cat, runs like a dream. At least the mechanic doesn’t make fun of you. They are all familiar with this problem.


  3. No.

    The IT problem was solved remotely, and the IT person who arrived was there to make sure that you remain so confused about the sudden resolution of the IT problem that you are unlikely to ever take chances with it again.

    You were very fortunate that they didn’t send The Bastard Operator From Hell.

    The BOFH is a Kiwi who was fortunate enough to escape Kiwilandia, and he persists to this day with telling us stories of a total bastard who has his finger on the pulse of his IT infrastructure in much the same way that a politician may have his finger resting heavily on the button that launches all of the nukes.

    What the BOFH likely has to say about the former Wellington Railway Station pie cart is not suitable for the ears of young children and old horses.

    As for a certain invective thing I wrote about Kiwis that used the word “with” instead of “by”?

    Obviously the BOFH has had a smoke-scented hand in this as well.




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